People said I've changed so much , Well here's the truth . I grew up and I stop letting people push me around all the time . I learned that my life can't always be happy :')

February 25, 2011

Dear heart ,

Dear heart , sorry for all the damage that I've done . Dear feeling , sorry because I never trying to understand you . I just only can find a lonely me now . I lost everything in my lifee . It is true that I had heartache and tragedy in my life . Suffering is the best way for me to stay alive .If I can trust others, accept them, enjoy them , then my life shall surely be more meaningfull . If I can accept others , this will help them to be more able to accept me :')

aku umpama macam orang asing dalam hidup kau sekarang , you hurt me :'(

I dislike senior year .

Okayy , this year gonna be my last year wearing this school uniform :'( Ehh , I gonna miss all this * gaya cakap macam dah habes school je . In form4 I never appreciate all this , for me school is damn bored and suck ! maybee because our teacher kinda bored . hahaa , menguntuk kann ? tak berkat dohh apa aku belajar macam ne , Gahh I'm sorry teacher . Since I've move in this new school , I learn something new , make a new friends , new culture ! yess I love it . Eventhough I still miss Methodist Girl School . Aku dah 4 tahun stay dkt girl school , but then kenaa pindah sini . Takpaaa , think positive that this school is better than mgs .

Okey , seriously I'm getting busy day by day with my school activities , and thenn on 7/3 dah examm . Wowww , Aku tak dapat bayang time exam macam manaa dah laa ramai . agaknyaa akan kelihatan seperti sardin di dalam tin . Mampat derr . Yooo , Skola ne banyak sangat makhluknyaa :O hahaa

Well , tady dah daftar subject for SPM . Aku ragu ragu nak tick kertas tuh . wahhh , Just berdaftar untuk 9 subject . This school takda subject Est ( English for science and technology ) so tak boleh la nak continue , Adaa Sains Pertanian aku tak amek dah tanya pendapat along semua , Aku ada byk lagi subject nak cover . Last year punya chapter dah la tak habes belajar . I don't have any confidence to face this biggest examination .

Ayah selalu pesan , ' Kalau orang lain boleh buat , akak pun boleh buat ' Mak pun ada kata ' Kalau kita rajen semua benda jadi mudah ' Ayah dgn mak kita kuat berpesan . hahaa ;D both of them gives me a lot of support wey :') Fyi , Aku tak sedap hati hari ini . macam adaa yang tak kenaaa ! Jangan la macam ne :(