People said I've changed so much , Well here's the truth . I grew up and I stop letting people push me around all the time . I learned that my life can't always be happy :')

March 5, 2011

refresh again :)

Okay , Imma be an active blogger again . I miss you blogonn (': tangan kita hari hari gatal nak buat vandalisme dkt sini . yess serious ! but sometimess my mood fly fly away just like that and the main point is I don't have timee . Todayy sempat buat siket renovation je . Sompat tukar background , Seee Oliver Sykes ♥ again and over again . He's damn handsome right ? and sompat edit side bar tepi ne plus pluss lagu tuhh . Hello idea cepat la resap dalam otak nee , I don't think that my blog stll look attractive like beforee . Blog dah macam takda tuan . haha

Okay just wait and see , All my storay will update slowly . Pelan pelan kayuh (;

No Matter what , Faragon stll with you (: