People said I've changed so much , Well here's the truth . I grew up and I stop letting people push me around all the time . I learned that my life can't always be happy :')

November 12, 2010

Again from teha :')

Message from teha , 10.24 pm .

Fara ! Fara nk thu x today i'm very happy becouse fara tuls about me in your blog :') you know what i'm crying when i saw my name in ur blog and also my text . haha . I thought i'm alone but no ! I have you and capit ! I'm never stop thinking about you fara , You are my best frends ever i have ! Thanks god becouse meet me with fara :') i'll kept my mind what you wrote in your blog :) Goodnight . Fara remember this I ALWAYS LOVE YOU REMEMBER YOU FARAGONN :)

ohyeah , thnks teha . * kau tgk capit tak pasal pasal name kau ade dkt sini .