People said I've changed so much , Well here's the truth . I grew up and I stop letting people push me around all the time . I learned that my life can't always be happy :')

November 11, 2010

seriously , i'm sorry .

Tehaa ;(

Seriously , i'm sorry (!) My attitude starts to make everyone hate me kan teha ? ohgawshh . I don't even know that you're not happy with your life right now . I thought that everything gonna be okay , I was wrong . I never trying to appreciate you kan ? i'm selfishness . sorry kawan ;(

Today , she make me touched . Honestly , fara rasa bersalah sangat dengan teha bila fara dapat text dari teha . why do I always be like this , makes everyone sad and crying all the time

Message from teha ( 09.26 pm ) :
Yela . Org tu mana nak text org kt sini dah . Dye nk text ngan capit je =( x p Fara kte fham =(

Message from teha ( 09.41 pm ) :
My life ? hmm evrythng is change ! my famly my frends . Hmm its change to fast ='( hmm

Message from teha ( 10.10 pm ) :

Hmm x p . kte thu nsb kte =) kte happy sgt ble Fara reply text kte . Thanks coz make me happy .

Teha , act i do really miss you ! engat tak dulu teha teman fara text malam tuh , even time tuh teha dah ngantuk sangat but teha tak bg tahu fara pun sbb teha nak teman fara . eh awak , walaupun fara jarang tegur or contact awak , doesn't mean that fara lupa dekat awak !

Please take note that , I LOVE YOU TEHA .

Sincerely , farah