People said I've changed so much , Well here's the truth . I grew up and I stop letting people push me around all the time . I learned that my life can't always be happy :')

September 20, 2010


Today i'm going to school as usual duhh . Ye , jejak je kaki masuk that beautiful mgsian rasa dah nak balik dah . sebab datang sekolah dgn homework satu hape pun tak sentuh , jangan cakap sentuh tengok pun tak . Well , hebat bukann ? and like usual dgr our physics teacher ' blablabla ' oh mann , Sabar pleasee . Hmm , go back to our normal school-ing . study study and study . your final exam is coming babe . yesh , already promise dgn myself nak do well this final exam . tanak failed dah doee . You need to help yourself sayang . Eh , you know what ? hari ne kita spend all the time after the school end to finished all my homew'ork . Woahh , i'm done my additional math homework duhh . i can't believe that . Well done faragon :D

I want that A+ in this coming exam (: