People said I've changed so much , Well here's the truth . I grew up and I stop letting people push me around all the time . I learned that my life can't always be happy :')

July 17, 2010


Now all she can feel is fear . She gave all that she could give . She is living all alone with nothing she can call her own . Wondering if her life will again be complete . This woman now is moving along , building her courage and and becoming as strong as her can . Time will heal her broken pride . Toward the sunrise her heart will glide . the only thing that keeps me alive is knowing the next coming day , it might all changes for the best and that ' nobody ' becomes ' somebody '



Yahh , i wake up early in the morning todayy . auww . last night tido pukul 4 online online and onlinee . hahh . suka buat keje gila macam niy kann . Then bangun haruslah pegi toilet dulu then tatap tv . haeshh , rendu kau tv . watching my fav cartoon . haha Spongebob Squarepants . Auww

Then , Around 12 pm baru mandi manda semua . bukak buku buat buat homework siket . Zatiey text-ing ajak pegi watch Eclipse . Nahh , i'm soo sorry friend . Sumpah week ney aku kering se-kering keringg nyaa . So , tak dapat teman kau :(

After lunch , Siap siap macam mak datin . haha :'D then turun , mak dgn along tunggu dalam kereta . wahh , like a princess haa . ade pula orang tukang tunggu . Naek kereta along yang seperti naek disko bergerakk- gerakk weh . Sampai tempat apa jadah ntah nama dia . plazaa erkss whatever lah * lost memory

Woot woot , shopping derr ;D haha . pegi kedai jual make-up tuh . mak sebok duk tanya nak apa ? haaa . bak datang . aku amek semuaa . haha lipgloss , blusher , lipstick pink colour wey . auww , sejak bila aku jadi minah pinky ne . eeeuwww

Honestly today damnn bb-boreedd , because i miss my scandelicious . Selalu time cam gnie kita keluar spend time together kan kann . gossip gosssipp . but not for todayy kan babe . Aku rendu kauu minahh . haha :D