People said I've changed so much , Well here's the truth . I grew up and I stop letting people push me around all the time . I learned that my life can't always be happy :')

July 6, 2010


Auww , i love it (:

I want a boy who think i'm b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l enough and A boy who doesn't need any others pretty faces . A boy who will sing to mee at a random moment(s) . Someone who lets me sleep on his chest . I want a guys who will write a song about me because he doesn't know any other ways to tell me how he feels . I want a guys who will tell all his friends about me and smile when he done it . Someone who would never be afraid to say i love you in front of his friends . A boy who could make me laugh like no one can . But mostly , A boy who always be there for me .

Can all my dream come true ? walawey . susahh sangat derr