People said I've changed so much , Well here's the truth . I grew up and I stop letting people push me around all the time . I learned that my life can't always be happy :')

October 15, 2010

imma be your cheerleader !

Imma be your life cheerleader so that i can cheer up all your days . boleh ken ? Your voice like a soundtrack of my summer , you'll never know how much i need you . yesh never right honey . Thank you for your laugh and your smile , It brings me happiness . Thank you being patient with me , i ne degil kan you ? hee (':

Okayy , today was my day ! yesh my perfect day , i want to flask back all my memories when first time i know him . I just know this guys from syeraa , one day syera cakap yg hasiff minat dkt kitaa . But kita tak penah pun kenal dgn hasiff ne , because tak penah pun tegur or comment dgn dia before this . Langsung ta pernahh (!)

After a few days , masa kita onl myspace tuh dapat comment dari diaa ! its just like ' wowww ' finally this guy tegur kita kan . kalau tunggu farah tegur mmg taklah ken , then sllu chating chating dgn dia dkt ym . Sejak hari tuh , everyday kita onl just sbb nak borak borak dgn diaa . hahaaa :D

Okay , then dia sllu text kita . yesh everyday dia teman kita sampai kita tertido . i always remember this ' youu . i rindu you ! ' engat tak ? you sllu ckp this word dkt i kan kan ? i suka dgr you ckp this word . Then dah lama lepas tuh , time rayaa kut 15 sep . you tell me everything . sesi luahan perasaan pun tejadi .

Jeng Jengg , haha . So i do accept him as my boyfie . Wootss , lama kan tunggu jwpn i ? hahaa . honey i always pray for our relationship , i love you non-stop dudee . I tunggu you for this coming date . It's like a fairytale but the story is still goin on just like our love as it grows so strong .


Syeraaa , thanks ! syera dah macam ajen cari jodoh untuk farah dah . haha . i love youu and i always pray for your happiness . jage your Mr Yaww elok elokk taww ? eh , after final exam kita jumpa lg taw

sincerely , faragon (: